Rae Robinson is an experienced direct response copywriter who gives your marketing copy the emotion and energy it needs to get the sale…

Hello! I’m Rae Robinson.

I’ve been writing direct response copy since early 2010.

I’m an AWAI-trained direct response copywriter and certified web writer.

I offer copywriting and marketing consulting services for …

Natural health, nutrition, and fitness services and products …

Christian non-profits, charities, or Christ-centered companies …

And info-products, like newsletters, books, or courses…

All of my clients get the strong, emotionally compelling copy they need to make their promotions get the click … the sale … the sign-up … or the donation.

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Three Ways I Can Help You Create a Stellar Marketing Campaign …

1. I can write your copy—

I specialize in direct response sales copy. Whether it’s a long promotion, email or autoresponder series, bookalog, magalog, advertorial, or short ad campaign, I’ve got the experience and track record to create standout copy that

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2. I can double-check your copy—

If you’re going cross-eyed staring at your sales copy … or you’re just not sure it’ll work … why not get a professional copywriter’s opinion?

Before you spend a bunch of money on a long, expensive promotion (or even a series of short emails) let me have a look. I’ll help you feel comfortable that you’re sending out the most compelling copy possible.

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3. Or, I can consult on your next marketing campaign—

Whether you need help designing a full sales funnel … or just someone to bounce your ideas off of … my advice can help you create your next great direct response campaign.

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