Direct Response Marketing Planning, Strategy, and Consultation

Whether you’re sending direct mail or working on a brand new sales funnel, it pays to have a “second set of eyes” on your marketing materials.

Every message, ad, or email you send out counts—so make sure it’s as a strong as it can be.

If you need advice or assistance with …

  • Big Ideas for a new sales letter or campaign
  • Sales funnel design – from the top lead magnet to the final order device
  • Increasing email opens and click-through rates
  • Increasing conversion rates on sales or landing pages
  • Getting more qualified traffic to your funnel
  • Creating “multi-touch” marketing campaigns …

I can help.

I’ve helped businesses like yours (including my own) increase leads, sales, and traffic for the past several years using direct response techniques online and through the mail.

I’m not an out-of-touch agency or big PR firm that will dump you off onto an inexperienced junior. You’ll have my full attention and I’ll be there for you through the entire process of creation, testing, and rollout.

Please contact me here to get started. The conversation is free, and there’s no obligation to buy.