3 Day Copy Critique Services

My “Three Day” Copy Critique Services are ideal for …

  • When you need a “second set of eyes” on a piece of copy, whether it’s about to mail or still in rough draft form …
  • When you need new ideas to bring a slowing piece of copy back to life …
  • Or when an existing sales letter isn’t working anymore …

And you need answers fast!

Plus, this gives you the chance to try out my copywriting services—and get a feel for how I work and what I can do for you—at a fraction of the price.

So, if you aren’t sure about a piece of copy that’s about to mail … or you need help bringing a dying letter back to life, I’m happy to take a look.

I’ll give you a full, detailed analysis of the copy, including:

✓   What’s good and what works

✓   What could be stronger

✓   What should be changed, including specific copy suggestions for how we change it

✓   Analysis of the angle, the “Big Idea”, the offer and order device

✓   Plus, specific ideas for revisions or rewriting

✓   And, if design is present, I will also evaluate the design

You’ll get the Copy Critique Report quickly, within just three business days. You’ll be able to get back to business knowing that your copy is on the way to being the strongest it can be.

After reading through my Copy Critique Report, if you’d like to hire me to make the revisions suggested, just let me know. We’ll get your marketing back up to par in a jiffy!

Do you have a specific piece that needs critique right away?
Click here to contact me for a 3-day turnaround.