Freelance Copywriting Services

Thank you for your interest in my copywriting services.

If you have a specific project in mind … and you’d like to skip reading this page … please feel free to shoot me an email so we can get on it right away.

 9 Frequently Asked Questions about Rae’s Copywriting Services …

What are your qualifications as a copywriter?

I’ve been writing copy since 2010 … and I’ve written for dozens of companies since then.

I am a graduate of AWAI’s Accelerated Copywriting Course and The Master’s Program. I am also a Certified Web Writer.

I’ve traveled everywhere from Bogota to Baltimore, Denver to Chicago working on projects for my clients.


Do you have experience in my field?

Though I will take on pretty much any project that sounds interesting (I love to learn) these are the three fields that I specialize in—

Natural Health—

I’ve helped my clients sell natural health products across the spectrum, including supplements, hair and skincare products, services, newsletters and books.

Not only am I your customer because I’m personally passionate about natural living and staying fit, I am (soon to be) a certified personal trainer and certified nutrition coach.

Christian Market—

From promoting new Bible study guides to getting donations for your non-profit … or even if you’re just a Christ-centered company, I can help with your next marketing campaign.

I have a Certificate in Biblical Studies from Torchbearers International and have experience with both protestant and Catholic audiences.


Books, newsletters, info-marketing programs, courses, subscriptions, magazines … you name it, I can help you sell it!

I have been personally involved in selling and creating these products for my clients. (And, I’m a consumer of them!)

For more details, please check out my portfolio.


What kind of assignments do you handle?

If it involves selling, getting leads, or “getting the click” I handle it:

  • Long-style sales promotions, print and online
  • Video sales letters and video scripts
  • Email series and autoresponders
  • Landing pages or squeeze pages
  • Bookalogs, magalogs
  • Advertorials and short ads

Though I don’t personally write content — such as blogs, web content, articles, or e-newsletters — I have a list of professional writers that I highly recommend.

I can “copy chief” with them, or you can hire them yourself … either way, we will get your needs taken care of!


Do you offer consulting services?

Yes, I’d be happy to consult with you on your next project.

I can help you design sales funnels, marketing campaigns, or give you advice that will help you do those things better. Please click here to learn more.


What do you charge?

If you have something specific in mind, I’d like to get on the phone (or chat over email) and determine a price for you then.

There is no charge to talk with me about your project—and no obligation to buy.

Or, you can request my Estimated Fee Schedule to get a feel for my price range.


Who are your clients—and what do they have to say about you?

I write regularly for AWAI, Newsmax Media, The Dental Practice Marketers, and many others. You can find a full client list here.

Here’s just one quote from a happy client …

“If you’re looking for a copywriter who can grab a prospect’s attention and
make an emotional connection that leads them to buy, look no further than
Rae Robinson. Rae is one of the most promising up-and-coming copywriters
I’ve seen in a while. She is also very professional and a pleasure to work
with. I highly recommend Rae for your next copywriting project.”

 — Kim Krause Schwalm, master copywriter


Please click here to read more.


How long will it take you to write my copy?

Without knowing the scope of your project, it’s hard to say. But I generally like 2-3 weeks to research and write copy.

That time usually doesn’t include lead-time, revisions, or peer reviews—but these things are always included in your initial fee.

I understand that sometimes you need copy faster. Please feel free to email me here, and if I have room in my schedule, I’ll absolutely make it work for you.

If I can’t take your project at this time, I can refer you to someone that I trust to do a high quality job for you (quickly!)


What happens if I need revisions?

No problem! Just let me know what you think needs improving, and I’ll get your revisions done—fast.

Plus, the flat fee we agree on includes revisions. There’s no charge for re-writing, provided you submit your revisions within 30 days after you receive the copy and the revisions do not change the scope of the project.

All of my copy comes with my personal guarantee:

Though I cannot guarantee specific results, you will be satisfied with the copy … or I’ll keep writing until you are!


How do I hire you?

Glad you asked!

First, I’ll want to know what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to. That way, I can make sure that I’m the right fit for you. (If I’m not, I’ll recommend you to someone who can take care of you better than I can.)

Then, I’ll send you a quote, which includes the brief overview of what I’ll be doing for you, when it will be done, and how much it will cost.

If you approve, I’ll ask you for any relevant materials you have about your product or service—including a sample of the product, any research or clinical studies you’ve performed, past promotions, and so on.

I’ll also ask you to sign a brief terms of agreement.

Once I receive the necessary materials and 50% of the fee, I’ll get going!

So, why not give my copywriting services for your next long promotion … magalog … email or web campaign … a try?

Dozens of companies—including Newsmax Media and AWAI—have made my copy a “go-to” for selling their products and services.

Very truly yours,

Rae Robinson


P.S. If you have an immediate need, please click here now to contact me. Give me a brief description of the project and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours or sooner.


Remember, there’s no charge to talk with me about your project or cost estimate … and no obligation to buy. Contact me today.